Norsk Vaksinefabrikk. The First Vaccine Factory in Norway with a focus on Pandemic Preparedness.

The company, Norvax AS (formerly ECAM Norway AS), has chosen Sandefjord as the location for Norway’s first vaccine factory.

From a rebuilt post terminal of 9000 square meters, Norsk Vaksinefabrikk will be able to deliver vaccines both for domestic use and for export during 2022.

– The Covid pandemic has shown the need for greater Norwegian vaccine preparedness, where the production of vaccines is an important part. When completed, within a week, our factory will be able to fill and pack enough vaccines to meet the needs of the Norwegian market. Then we will be able to export vaccines to other countries, says CEO Åge Nærdal.

Several benefits

Nærdal is a veteran in the Norwegian pharmaceutical industry and, among other things, former director of the pharmaceutical company GSK in Norway. For the past six months, he has been working on plans for a vaccine factory.

Nærdal points out that vaccine production in Norway will provide many benefits at the same time.

– The most important thing is that it contributes to Norwegian emergency preparedness and will be able to provide quick access to important vaccines when needed. In addition, the factory will create both jobs and Norwegian export revenues, says Nærdal.

Own vaccines

Norsk Vaksinefabrikk is commissioning a fill-finish line for vaccines and medicines. This provides the opportunity to fill and package vaccines developed by other companies, such as one of the Covid vaccines already developed.

The plan is to both develop and produce mRNA vaccines on an industrial scale. These are vaccines that instruct the body to make small parts of the virus itself so that the patient develops antibodies.

– The goal is to create mRNA vaccines that can be stored at room temperature and thus make it easier to distribute and use in developing countries, says Nærdal.

Government contact

Norvax is in dialogue with the Norwegian health authorities about a collaboration in connection with the establishment of the Norsk Vaksinefabrikk.

– The Ministry is familiar with our plans, and we perceive that they are very positive about getting production capacity for vaccines in Norway. We are still awaiting feedback on how the Norwegian authorities will possibly contribute, says Nærdal.

The global vaccine market in 2019 – before the corona pandemic – was more than NOK 450 billion, and this year the value of the market has doubled as a result of the pandemic.

Contact: CEO Peter Jensen, e-mail:

Contact: Maren Bækkelund Ellingsen, WergelandApenes +47 901 77 951 e-mail:


Norsk Vaksinefabrikk by Norvax AS

  • 9,000 square meters of production premises and associated office premises in the former post terminal in Borgeskogen in Sandefjord.
  • Production line for filling and packing of existing vaccines ready 4th quarter 2022.
  • Will be able to cover both Norwegian and foreign demand.
  • Will develop and produce own mRNA vaccines
  • The key people behind the factory have 20-40 years of experience from the pharmaceutical industry

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